E-Ink with a Detachable Front Light May Be Coming this Winter

lBOOK eReader V6The prospective manufacturers of a new ebook reader posted this picture and the following specs at Mobile Read:

Project of the device for reading electronic books
Screen: 6 “SVGA Electronic Paper Display (not E Ink Corporation)
CPU: ARM7, 73 MHz
SRAM: 1,0 Mb
ROM: 256 Mb (it is used 248 Mb)
USB 2.0
SD/MMC: up to 2.0 GB
Formats: TXT, XML (FB2), RTF, JPEG, GIF, BMP
Weight: 185 gram
Retail price: 165 Usd
The beginning of sales: IV-2007

The important part of this announcement wasn’t even listed and that is this device is to have a detachable front light. If this unit actually can be sold for $165 USD with a front light, this would be a perfect reading device.


0 comments on “E-Ink with a Detachable Front Light May Be Coming this Winter

  1. There isn’t one perfect reading device. I’m glad to see proposed new products but this one doesn’t make me drool.

    I’m sceptical about the front light – I’ve tried and discarded dozens on other devices.

    I’m not sure about the button position – might be great but it looks like it may be awkward for smaller hands and it will only be acceptable if the display can flip from left-handed to right-handed display at will. This is not a device that I would buy without trying for a few hours.

    I also will not buy an ereader without a search feature (which requires text input) because that’s the way I read books – Sony says that search was not important for most readers so I may be in the minority but I need the ability to flip backwards and forwards which is easy to do with a physical book and not particularly pleasant without the search feature in an ebook.

    Finally, I really want a great catalogue function included with my next ebook reader. Author, title, series, genre, user comments – as I gradually replace all of my pbooks with ebooks, I want the catalogue function included with my reader (and not on a separate spreadsheet/database program). This is another feature that requires an input ability.

    So: I want, I want, I want but my list of wants doesn’t seem to be in step with current production.

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