Year of the Penguin

Happy Feet won the Oscar on Sunday night for the “Best Animated Feature Film” over Pixar’s Cars and Penguin, the publishing house, announced record profits. Penguin identified strong sales of mass market paranormal fiction and the premium paperback. President David Shanks confirmed that the premium paperback is here to stay.

Sales through were up 30% and ebook sales were up 17%. On the ebook front, Penguin is going to appoint someone to a new position to coordinate Penguin’s worldwide e initiatives. Via Publisher’s Weekly.

President Shanks, I would be happy to be an unpaid consultant for your person in this project. I have lots of ideas on how to make your ebook venture a success.


0 comments on “Year of the Penguin

  1. I haven’t seen “Happy Feet” yet, but I am so enamored of those penguins snapping happy on the Tamiflu ad, that I forget to feel pissed that the drug companies are marketing directly to the consumer these days. Now THAT’s power, let me tell you. About the other Penguin, I feel more ambivalence.

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