Loose ID Receives RWA Recognition

Loose Id has receieved RWA Publisher Recognition which means that one of its titles sold 5,000 copies in a single year. I can’t begin to guess which Loose Id title(s) that may be, but Huzzah for Loose Id. Their Gecko is better than your Gecko.

Via Michele Armstrong, author of Magical Chances.


0 comments on “Loose ID Receives RWA Recognition

  1. I heard this earlier this morning and I was thinking that this is really good for the small press/epublishing community in general. It means good things for the company and their authors, but also for epublishing, because it’s a form of positive attention. I’m sure everyone at Loose Id must be bouncing and I don’t blame them. I hope this trend continues 🙂

  2. I think it’s wonderful news for epublishing. I’m excited not only because Loose Id is my publisher 🙂 but I think it speaks to coming trends in the publishing world. Or, at least, I hope it does.

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