REVIEW: Forbidden by Lila Dubois

Dear Ms. Dubois:

ForbiddenI purchased this book based upon the good cover and the first paragraph of Mrs. Giggles review. I didn’t read the rest of the review until I was done because I didn’t want to be influenced in the outcome of the book. Surprisingly, I had some of the same issues of Mrs. Giggles, only I would rate this book a bit lower. The main flaw, in my opinion, was the erotic part of this erotic fantasy romance.

The Priestess is one half of the power construct for The Land Between the Seas. It is middle earth-ean construct governed by two moons: Akita, the female and her larger male mate, Ishlay. The Land used to be ruled by the King and his consort, The Priestess. Unfortunately, a lesser King usurped the rightful ruler and destroyed the Priestess-Queen and her successor. Since that time, there has been strife in the land between the usurper King’s line and that of the Priestess.

There was interesting world building. The Priestess takes a small physical incarnation of the Goddess into her body. She alone brings the grace of the Goddess to the land. Her body is serviced and protected by the Zinahs.

They alone were the most trusted men of the Temple and the only people to ever touch the sacred body of the Priestess, but they paid for that privilege with their freedom.

The setup is compelling. In order for the Priestess to continue to call blessings upon her people: rain, sun, protection, the Priestess must engage in rituals. These rituals are, in large part, sexual. The Zinahs, 5 chosen men, offer up their freedom in exchange to protect and service the Priestess. In return, the Priestess must provide succor to all five Zinahs with equal measure. She is the goddess incarnate and therefore it is even forbidden for her to have her own identity let alone love on particular person.

The Priestess is rebellious. She has kept remembrance of her own name, Cryessa, and loves one Zinah over all others. Each time he is sent out to protect her people, she is fearful of his death. The immediate conflict of the good for all versus self satisfaction provides heightened tension.

The problem in creating a number of alpha males to be heroes in subsequent books was that the one chosen for this book seemed bland. In fact, other than his warrior skill, he had no interesting trait. The males served as more of backdrop than an equal partner to the Priestess. Many of the sex scenes in the novel made me giggle inappropriately as the Priestess would employ language more suited to a drill sergeant than the embodiment of the Goddess. The ending was too convenient and didn’t quite seem to fit with the character of the Priestess as you had built in the previous pages.

Your voice has promise that I would like to read more of in the future. I can’t help but wonder if some of the “erotic” were removed if this wouldn’t have been a great mainstream fantasy romance story. B-

Best regards,


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